Gabe Gabrielle

Gabe Gabrielle

Space and Motivational Speaker
Gabe was at Kennedy Space Center as a contractor for NASA for approximately 17 years. As an Engineering Programmer he was responsible for ensuring funding for the infrastructure: roads, bridges, facilities, roofs, elevators, and mechanical systems were identified. He was a member of NASA’s Disability Awareness And Action Working Group, improving the work environment for personnel who are differently able, and a member of NASA’s Speakers Bureau for 10 years. He shares experiences about astronauts currently on the International Space Station, rovers on Mars, and the future of space exploration with astronauts going to the Moon and Mars. Additionally, he was the Director of Engineering for the US Air Force’s Special Operations Command.
Gabe visits schools speaking with students about the space program. He encourages children to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) motivating them to follow their dreams, establish goals, and enjoying life. He enthusiastically shares his passion for enjoying life with kids, sharing ways to help them find positives and develop a strong belief in themselves.  He is a sighted guide for a triathletes who are blind competing in triathlons, swimming, biking, and running events. 

Excellence In Aerospace Education Award by Aerospace Academy Ray LienMember of NASA’s Disability Awareness And Action Working GroupAward-winning Science EducatorMember of NASA’s Speakers BureauAssigned to NASA’s Speakers Bureau for 10 yearsMember of Kennedy Space Center’s Disability Awareness and Action Working Group (DAAWG)


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