Kevin Simmons

Kevin Simmons

Welcome to the world of Kevin Simmons, a distinguished educator, accomplished author, and visionary leader in aerospace innovation. Kevin L. Simmons brings expertise and passion to his endeavours, spanning education, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

As the founder of BLUECUBE Aerospace, Inc. and co-creator of the Aerospace and Innovation Academy, Inc. (AIA), Kevin Simmons is at the forefront of advancing aerospace education and exploration. His leadership of the Wolfpack CubeSat Development Team (WCDT) in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, exemplifies his commitment to innovation and inspiring the future generation of space pioneers.

Kevin Simmons' pioneering spirit extends beyond the classroom. As Principal Investigator for WeissSat-1 and CapSat-1, CubeSat missions selected by NASA's CubeSat Launch Initiative (CSLI), he has played a vital role in pushing the boundaries of space exploration. Notably, he led the first middle school team to launch a CubeSat on December 3rd, 2018, showcasing his dedication to hands-on learning and experiential education.

Kevin Simmons brings a unique perspective to his work with a background in biochemistry and chemistry from North Carolina State University. His diverse experience in industry, military, and academia underscores his versatility and adaptability in tackling complex challenges.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Kevin Simmons is a tireless advocate for STEM education and public policy initiatives. As an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow and senior policy analyst at the National Science Foundation, he has championed industry-university partnerships and the SBIR program, driving innovation and collaboration in the STEM ecosystem.

Kevin Simmons' accolades speak volumes about his impact and influence on the aerospace and education communities. From the National Space Council Space Worker Hall of Fame to the AIAA Foundation Educator Achievement Award, his contributions have been recognized at the highest levels.

In addition to his professional endeavours, Kevin Simmons is deeply involved in the community as an ISS Educator Ambassador, Space Foundation Teacher Liaison, and NASA AAPT HEAT Physics Ambassador. His commitment to inspiring future generations knows no bounds, making him a pioneer and luminary in aerospace education.

Explore the world of Kevin Simmons and discover the boundless possibilities of education, innovation, and exploration.

Founded BLUECUBE Aerospace, Inc.Limitless Space Institute AmbassadorCo-created the Aerospace and Innovation Academy, Inc. (AIA)Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at NSF 2009-2011Co-Investigator for the FlipSat-1Principal Investigator of WeissSat-1 and CapSat-1 through NASA’s CSLIISS Educator AmbassadorSpace Foundation Teacher LiaisonNASA AAPT HEAT Physics Ambassador

Kevin Simmons